Shooting on our beautiful wooded Sporting Clays course.

This year’s Berk’s County Open will be held on October 2nd & 3rd and be a 100-bird Sporting Clays championship course set in our beautiful wooded setting incorporating some of our new traps equipped with infinity trap bases, which can throw new and unusual target presentations. We’ll have targets from basic to challenging…something for every level shooter …come join us in the fun. Here’s more about the event:

There will be $1500.00 in prize money divided among 6 age classes, a lady’s class, a sub-gauge class and a 200 target combined HOA class. Each class will pay $100.00 to the winner and $40.00 to second place. Shooters will have the option to shoot 1 day for the class championship money or both days. The 1st time you shoot will be for score and the second time for the added $225.00 combined score HOA prize money. You may shoot twice in the same day for the combined score prize if you are able to re-squad. Pre-registration is highly recommended but shooters who are not pre-scheduled, will be added to the next available squad at the time of the shoot. The price for each 100 birds is $50.00 and you automatically get entered to win 3 lucky draw prizes. Should we have a tied score, it will be decided by long run. Scroll down to see frequently asked questions.

“There will be great food and beverages available for purchase. Pre-Registration is highly recommended. All squads will be 5 shooters.

To request pre-registration, CLICK HERE


Do we need to bring ammo?
Ammo is not supplied as part of this event, you shoot your own shells. … 7.5, 8 and 9 shot only is allowed. Should you need to purchase shells, we plan to have shells available at market prices. We believe we have enough supplies of shells for sale to take care of shooters for this event.

Will there be food at the event?
YES …we will have a food stand, plans are not finalized but we may have hot dogs / hamburgers etc. or hoagies but there WILL be food.

Must I be a member to shoot at this event?
NO – all of clay shooting is open to the public

How difficult will the targets be on the course?
We will have easy to challenging targets throughout our course. Something for everybody but remember, this IS a CHAMPIONSHIP and we know there will be a wide range of shooting skills coming so we are striving to have a course with something for everybody.

MUST I shoot both days?
NO – You can shoot one day or both days if you wish. Your first round of 100 clays count as your score for the main event regardless of day etc.

So I need a golf cart or hand cart?
Typically a golf cart is not needed and we do not have any to rent. Since you will be carrying 100 rounds of ammo a hand/gun cart would work nicely but really not necessary. Our course is a short walk through our lovely wooded setting. If you have your own cart feel free to bring it.

MUST I pre-register or can we just show up?
Pre-registering is recommended but we do our best to accommodate those that haven’t as best as we can through the day.

Must I / Can I pay when I pre-register?
NO , we are not taking payment in advance, when you get to the event, you check in at the desk and pay then. $50 / 100 clay event. etc. etc. etc.

Will there be a special/separate course for sub-gauges?
NO – All gauges shoot the exact same targets

Do I have to shoot both days in order to win the High-Overall (HOA) Prize?
NO You can shoot twice in the same day.

Can I shoot the sub-gauge first then the 12ga twice for the HOA?
No, the first round you shoot, no matter what gauge will be your score for the main event. The first 2 times you shoot, no matter what gauge you use, will be your score towards the HOA. However, if you shoot the sub gauge during the first 2 times you may also use that score towards the sub-gauge event also.

Is this a NSCA registered shoot?

How will prizes be paid?
All prize money will be paid by check, mailed to shooter after the event?

How will the scoring / prize money work?
Main Event – BERKS COUNTY OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (100 targets) 
Prizes are paid by age group. 
80+ yrs $ 100.00 
70-79 yrs 1st Place $100.00 
60-69 yrs 1st Place $100.00 
50-59 yrs 1st Place $100.00 
26-49 yrs 1st Place $100.00 
25 & Under  1st Place $100.00 

Highest Overall HOA Champion ( Combined high score – 200 TARGETS) }
1st $225
2nd $100
3rd $75.00
4th $50.00 

LADIES CHAMPION (100 targets ) 
1st Place $100.00 

SUB-GAUGE CHAMPION ( 100 Targets ) 
1st Place $100.00

* Classes must have a minimum of 5 entrants or prize is lowered by $20 / open spot.
*Tie-breaker will be long run from start. If still tied then the prize money will be divided equally.