Range Rules

Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap & 5-Stand Rules

  1. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all shooters and bystanders.
  2. Squad size will be limited to 5 shooters for Sporting Clays
  3. It is forbidden to shoot at any live game.
  4. Only shot sizes of 7.5, 8, or 9 are allowed. Only #9 shot may be used for skeet.
  5. No more than two shells shall be loaded in a shotgun at a time.
  6. Do not handle another shooter’s shotgun without their permission
  7. Shotguns may be loaded only while in the station, the gun is over the front rail, and the range is clear and safe.
  8. When leaving a station, shooters must ensure that their shotgun is unloaded, the action is open, and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.
  9. All shots must be taken from inside a station
  10. Unless otherwise specifically stated for the event: no signups or squadding will be accepted to skeet shoots requiring shoot-offs by class after 12:00 PM (Noon) : and no signups or squadding will be accepted for any clays shooting on weekend days after 1 PM .
  11. No one may sign up for more than one round of skeet, 5 stand or sporting clays at one time.

Rifle & Pistol Range Rules

The rifle and pistol ranges are available to members ONLY. Those holding a family
membership are allowed to bring immediate family members ONLY (spouse/partner, child or grandchild under 18) as guests. You MUST receive an in-person range orientation from a Club officer, director or range officer BEFORE using the ranges. The guest does not need to have the orientation but must be accompanied by the member who will be fully responsible for his/her guest’s behavior, including safe gun handing and compliance with all of the rules.

One-day guesat passes are available for purchase for five ($5.00) Dollars. A member may only bring the same guest twice – after that the guest must purchase his/her own membershipto use the ranges. A member may have a maximum of two guests at any one time. DOWNLOAD OR PRINT THE GUEST PASS APPLICATION

  1. Normal shooting hours are 9:00 AM to Sunset. The range is closed when the sporting clays range is in use, during special events and for the PA rifle deer season.
  2. The entire firing line must be safe before any person proceeds downrange (forward of the firing line). No firearms may be handled when anyone is forward of the firing line. All firearms MUST BE emptied, cased, holstered, or benched with cylinders open, actions open with magazines out and ejection port in up position. Fixed magazines MUST indicate / show being empty.
  3. No targets are to be placed on or affixed to target frames or on the ground. Targets must be placed so as not to damage target frames and to insure that all bullets will strike and be contained within the dirt backstop. No exploding or incendiary targets may be used.
  4. No intoxicated persons may use the range and all intoxicating or controlled substances are prohibited on the range.
  5. Only carefully controlled, aimed fire is permitted. No automatic or bump firing; no magazine dumps or the like.
  6. Keep all ranges clean at all times. Pick up empty cartridges and brass. Remove all targets from the backers before leaving. Dispose of all used targets and other trash in the recepticles provided.
  7. Absolutely no shooting at gun racks, target stands or similar items.
  8. No rifle caliber or magnum rounds may be fired at steel targets on the pistol range.
  9. Members and guests must visibly display their Club membership card or guest pass on their person (NOT in a shooting bag or in the truck or anywhere else) at all times when on the rifle and pistol range. Lanyards for this purpose are available to borrow by the clubhouse door. NO ECEPTIONS.
  10. Members must sign-in and sign-out using the book in a weatherproof box by the clubhouse door each and every time they use the range.
  11. During off-hours (whenever the Club is not actively open for clay shooting) anyone accessing Club grounds shall close and lock the gate after entering; and shall close and lock the gate after leaving. During times when the Club is open for clays shooting, the person staffing the desk shall close and lock the gate when leaving.
  12. Club officers and directors are authorized and directed to ask anyone not complying with the above rule to immediately leave Club premises. Repeated non-compliance or any sort of resistance to requests by Club officers or directors will result in expulsion from membership. Any sort of resistance to requests by Club officers or directors will result in the local police being called.