Events Calendar

2023 Event Calendar
This is a list of our special shoots which are held in additon to normal shooting hours.

January 1SundayRum Dum Open Skeet – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Nick Fananarosa
March 25SaturdayGreen Bird SC Shoot – 100 Bird – Sponsor: Bob Hachadoorian
April 22 & 23Saturday/SundaySporting Clay Multi Gauge Event (12, 20, 28, and .410) – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Rick Reinhart
May 6 & 7Saturday/SundayRun Whatchu Brung SC Shoot (12, 20, 28, and .410 events plus Pump and SxS – 50 Bird – Sponsors: Paul Herbein/Henry’s Fine Guns, LLC and Robbie Holland Welding
May 20SaturdayMixed Venue Event (Shoot 25 Wobble Trap and 25 5-Stand targets) – 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. – Sponsor: Dale Becker
June 17SaturdayDucks Unlimited Shoot**
July 8SaturdaySkeet 12 Ga. Club Championship/Larry Piotti Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsors: Sponsor Needed
July 9SundaySkeet 20 Ga. Club Championship/Jack Babb Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Joan Babb
August 5Saturday28 Ga. Club Championship/Patty Hartman Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Greg Hartman
August 6SundaySkeet .410 Club Championship – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Vince Cebular
August 12SundaySkeet Doubles 25 Pair/Bill Mull Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Bill Cope
August 26SaturdayClub Sporting Clay Championship – 100 Bird – Sponsors: Fred and Dee Bernardo Club 5-Stand Championship – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Brian Eby
September 3SundayBerks County Skeet Championship/Zechman Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Robbie Holland Welding
September 9SaturdaySide by Side Event – 75 SC targets – More info to follow (Raindate: 9/10/23)
October 14 & 15Saturday/SundayBerks County Sporting Clay Championship – 100 Bird – Sponsors: Chuck Deitch (Other Sponsors Needed)
November 11SundaySkeet Turkey Open – 50 Bird – Sponsors: Jim and Melissa Wagner
December 17SundaySkeet Lew Hatzas Memorial – 50 Bird – Sponsor: Ed Graczyk
Anyone is welcome to shoot targets only on any of the event dates above except for the DU event, subject to squadding requirements for shoot participants.
**Anyone can enter the DU shoot at the price determined by DU. The entry includes a one year DU membership. If you are already a member, it adds a year to your membership. Also, skeet, a long bird game and a 2-man buddy shoot game on the 5-stand will be available this day for all Cacoosing Gun Club Members.