All shooters are eligible to win prizes at events, but only members are eligible to receive club titles. All events are 50 bird, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact us using the form on this website. Come shoot with us and enjoy our beautiful property and ranges.

Friday, January 1st
Rum Dum Special Skeet Tournament –

Sunday, March 7th
Daylight Savings SC Money Shoot – Help us celebrate the return of Daylight Savings Time

Sunday, March 21st
Sporting Clay Club Championship – Always well attended. We set up a new, challenging course to determine the top shooter/members in our club. First 4 highest shooters get their names engraved on our perpetual wall plaque for other shooters to honor for centuries! (more or less).

Congratulations to our winner and HOA Randy Shirk, 2nd place Mike Ostrowski, 3rd place, Scott Beck .

Sunday, April 11th
Skeet 12 GA. Championship/Bob Arnold Memorial
Bob was a long time member of the club and a very serious skeet shooter with a number of state and national titles to his name. Bob was a nice guy, always willing to help out new shooters; and he shot a collection of gold-inlaid, engraved Kreighof shotguns that would have made a museum proud. We salute Bob with this memorial event in his name.

Saturday and Sunday, April 24th & 25th
Sporting Clay Multi Gauge Event – our first 2-day event. Shoot one course one day and the other the next, or both on the same day …your choice. We will have different courses for 28ga/410 and 20/12 gauge. The 2020 event was really a great event.

Saturday, May 1
Two Man Team SC Shoot – THE WINNING TEAM GETS THE MOST EXCELLENT PRIZE- Our club president, Greg Hartman will take the winning team on an upland bird hunt. Greg is an avid and experienced bird hunter and will take the 2 winners on a hunt at Blue Marsh, in the fall during pheasant season. The winners will coordinate with Greg as to the specific place, date and time. There will likely be some long, hard walking in rough terrain and thick brush, so some level of physical ability is needed.  This is a real upland bird hunt, NOT a preserve put-n-take hunt, so there are NO guarantees that the hunters will even see, let alone bag, birds but you will never forget this, which for many of us, would a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Note: Valid PA hunting licenses and pheasant stamps will be needed for all hunters and will not be supplied as part of the prize. Happy Hunting!

Saturday May 8th – SPECIAL EVENT !!
ZZ Birds presented by Jimbo’s Flyers – Shooting Starts at 10am! 10 bird races all day. PLUS …as usual our great 50bird Sporting Clays course and 2 deluxe skeet fields will be open and we’ll be shooting.

Sunday , May 16th
New Format Skeet/ Larry Piotti Memorial

Sunday, May 30th <cancelled due to rain NEW DATE SUNDAY JUNE 6TH
Skeet 20 Ga. Club Championship

Saturday , June 12th
Green Bird SC Shoot – One of our Saturday sporting clays events where you can shoot the event on Saturday , then come back Sunday and re-shoot the course for practice ! Green birds will randomly be put in our target throwers and when you encounter a green bird and break it it will be scored as a dead pair even if you missed the other target, but if you miss the green bird , it will be scored as a lost pair , regardless if you broke the other (orange) target. It was fun last year …see you there!

June 24 and 25th – Grace Callahan Sporting Clays Clinics ~ a VERY special event. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Cacoosing gun club is pleased to offer clinics with NSCA Champion Grace Callahan., one of the up-and-coming pro shooters on the tour. Each clinic will host 5 students. Each clinic will be 3 hours. Grace will spend time on fundamentals on our 5-stand course and then take her squad of students onto our Sporting Clays course. If you need help breaking those clays, this is a great way to get instruction from a pro at reduced cost and hassle right here on our beautiful grounds. If you want to pre-register … use the contact form on this site and we’ll get right back to you to get you set up. The cost for the clinic is $ 250 / student and includes all targets and lunch. Student must supply their gun, ammo, ear protection, eye protection and be ready to break some clays. You can see more information about Grace on her website click HERE.

Sunday, June 27th
Skeet 28 Ga. Club Championship

Wednesday June 30th – Basic Handgun & Pistol Safety seminar

Cacoosing is pleased to be able to offer firearms self-defense training.  Our highly qualified, NRA certified instructor (Erik Sloan – USMC retired, Bronze Star and Purple Heart) will be offering individualized, hands-on classroom and range instruction for men and women.  A Basic Pistol Course will be offered for those with limited handgun experience; and a Personal Self-Defense Course for those already familiar with handgun shooting.  These courses will be offered in a one-on-one setting or in small groups, depending on your preference, at the Club, at hourly or daily rates.

To judge interest and to allow you to make arrangements with Mr. Sloan for your own individual or group training, we are holding an introductory seminar at the clubhouse at 7:00 PM on Wednesday June 30, 2021.  There is a $5 fee to cover the Club’s cost for providing snacks at the seminar.  You sign-up at the front desk and pay the $5 fee there, or simply send an email to to register for the seminar and pay your $5 at the door.

Sunday, July 11th
Skeet 410 Club Championship

Saturday, July 17th
Sub-gauge Sporting Clays Shoot ~ Sponsored by Paul Herbein / Leading Edge Shooting Clinic.
ALSO *** WATCH THIS SPACE FOR ANNOUNCEMENT .. we might have a Pig Roast at this event.

Sunday, July 25th
Cacoosing Gun Club 5-Stand Championship ~ Sponsored by Paul Herbein / Leading Edge Shooting Clinic.

Sunday, August 8th
Skeet Doubles 25 Pair/Bill Mull Memorial ~ Sponsored by Bill Cope. There will be cash prizes and a drawing so everybody has a chance to win something.

Saturday, August 21st
Run Whatchu Brung SC Shoot – Shoot the course WITHOUT changing guns, chokes , etc. ..

Sunday, September 5th
Skeet – Zechman Memorial – Another great shoot with $200 in prizes .. AND 2 LUCY DRAWINGS SO ANYBODY CAN WIN SOME CASH !

Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd & 3rd
Berks County Sporting Clay Championship -OUR BIGGEST SPORTING CLAYS SHOOT OF THE YEAR! 2 Days , 100 clays , over $1500 in prizes …. More information and pre-register request CLICK HERE

Sunday, October 24th
Tri-Target Event (75 Bird) ~ Sponsored by JMN Engraving, Jon Novak (Due to circumstances beyond your control , we had to move this event from Oct 17th to the 24th. ) Event will consist of shooting skeet doubles, trap targets, sporting targets and one long bird.

Sunday, November 21st
Skeet Any Gauge – Turkey Open – Win a beautiful turkey for your Thanksgiving Day table.

Sunday, December 12th
Skeet Any Gauge/ Lew Hatzas Memorial